Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The one where I break a taboo

There are a few phrases that are sure to induce eye-rolling every time I hear them. I hate them as only a scientist with a social sciences background can. Anyone who utters “aesthetically pleasing” or “develop a new gestalt” or “paradigm shift” is immediately going in my “pretentious dickhead” category, and remain there until I am satisfied it was a grievous error.

I tell you that because I am going to use one of them, and feel free to mock the mocker. I deserve it for not being able to come up with a synonym for “paradigm shift.”

But that pretty much sums up what has happened with the narrative of the war supporters.

Have you noticed?

The whole meme has changed recently. There is no longer talk of what it will mean to win. Democracy, stability, rule of law…

Those out-of-reach ideals are no longer getting play.

Nope. They are now using terms that couch it as anything short of a wide-spread regional war is success. If the whole damn Middle Eastern powderkeg can be kept from blowing up, then it was a catastrophic success!

Now the hook they are trying to peddle is “defeat in Iraq would result in wide-spread death and destruction all across the middle east and even in America, too!”

What that translates to is this: Basically - any scenario in which an unfriendly neighboring state or a group claiming to operate under a terrorist banner can't claim victory will do. (I know - that isn't a real victory, at least not the way it has been defined in any manual I ever picked up; but then, this isn't a real commander in chief, either, so...)

But here is all the proof you need to know Iraq is lost...the Dolschtosslegende is already being floated. Once again, those who support an unjust war but who are not fighting itand neither are their children and 52 months in, it is high time we start calling these bloodthirsty chickenhawk traitors on this part – these mendacious soulless fucks are attempting to blame the roughly 75% of their fellow citizens who get it as gutless, and we “won’t let the troops win.” Never mind the four-plus years of military failure. That has nothing to do with it. It's the folks back home who don't have the stomach for the fight, and we are causing the troops to lose.

Fuck those jokers. Hard.

I’ve had it with those chickenhawk mother fuckers, and I'm not playing nice any more.

The likes of them do not get to say one fucking word to me. How fucking dare they?

If you support this shit, and you can not produce a DD-214, or show me your children are serving…shut the fuck up. Assholes like Bill the Bloody Kristol are not fit to even speak to anyone who ever took that oath.

Y’all just work on that Dolschtosslegende. See how that works for you.

As for me and the rest who have been right all along…let me just clear something up for you...We are not stabbing anyone in the back, cowardice is your gig. We are, however, coming at you from the front.

We want you fucking cowards to see our faces.

But even more…we want to see the fear on yours.

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