Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Buffalo 'em"

My husband is working on a book treatment and the subject matter is the era of the Plainsmen - Tom "Bear River" Smith, the 7th Cavalry, Wild Bill Hickok.

He said that it is time to "Buffalo" the chickenhawks.

I did not know what that meant, so he explained. A buffalo would stand there and let a man walk up to him and hit him in the head with a club.

When a man got buffaloed, he was marked, physically. Usually, it involved a pistol-whipping that left a scar on the mans face. It was a warning to the person on the receiving end..."I see your face again, I'm shooting you dead."

I'm not advocating violence, no matter how desperately some of these no-mind, fraidy-cat, reactionary, reptilian-brained piss-ants need their asses kicked.

My version is a loud "Shut the fuck up."

If you are carrying water for this fuck-up, and you are making excuses for the inexcusable, and you are not serving or encouraging your kids to go "drive around until we get shot at or something blows up" (what a concept for a mission!) I am not going to waste my time and listen to you. You are not worth my attention nor my time. You're a lost cause, and I despise you for willful, complicit ignorance.

Chickenhawk mother-fuckers, you have been buffaloed: Shut the fuck up.

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