Monday, July 23, 2007

More Mitt

What a prick. He isn't responsible for all the signs he poses with?


Yesterday, it was a "funny play on words" - remember? That is what Kevin Madden, his spokesman said. Is he now going to absolve himself of responsibility for what his spokesman said? He wants to be president and can't accept responsibility for his own image?

We should "lighten up"???

I think not. That grinning visage was offensive as all hell to just about everyone with three digits in their I.Q. score.

We should lighten up???

Mitt should make with an apology. And someone needs to track that embarrassment to my gender down and ask her what she meant by that, and why she thinks that it is acceptable to equate sitting US Senators and presidential candidates with the most wanted criminal on the planet. I really want to know why she would think that is acceptable in a civilized society.

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