Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

By now you have likely seen the pathetic display of pernicious pandering that Mitt Romney showed the world in South Carolina. Yes, he probably sealed the white-trash vote, but he most certainly pissed off patrons of the Museum of Modern Art - which isn't in Chelsea anyway, it's in Midtown.


A spokesman for Romney tried to play it off as a clever, alliterative play on words. (Just a wee hint to Kevin Madden, Mr. Romney's spokesman: The Mountain Meadow Massacre by Maurading Militant Murderous Mormans would be an example of alliteration too; but I would have the decency not to put it on a rally sign. But then, I can go out in public without embarrassing my mother.)

The appropriate thing for Mr. Romney to have done would have been to take an opportunity to stand apart from the hate-mongering and the divisiveness. I realize it is far too much to ask of a politician in a tight ten-way race to chide a supporter at a rally for being a shining example of what is wrong with the level and tone of political discourse in this country; but for fucks sake, did he have to pose for the camera with that hateful harridan?

It is not okay to equate two United States Senators with the mastermind behind the worst terrorist attack of all time. It certainly isn't clever (especially when the poor besotted fool who made the crude sign can not even spell "Mama/Momma") and it isn't even in the same area code as "funny."

It is crass. It is craven. It is pathetic. It is sad. It is sick. It is disgusting, despicable and depraved. It is lowbrow, common, pedestrian and parochial.

But it is not "clever."

Not by half.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words. (And a couple of thousand blog entries.)

This one shows Romney to be at least as addlepated as his father before him.

(photo courtesy of TMZ)

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