Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How Feckless Spent his Fourth

The resident appeared before a captive audience with no choice but to cheer and clap politely for his obligatory Fourth of July speech. He appeared before National Guardsmen and their families, and all but told them they were expendable. He appeared before about 2000 pre-screened guests (only Albanians have unfettered access to the American president) mostly from the 167th Air National Guard Wing.

He said not one word about the Air National Guard duty he skipped out on and is aWol from to this day.

Bush said victory in Iraq will require "more patience, more courage and more sacrifice."

"If we were to quit Iraq before the job is done, the terrorists we are fighting would not declare victory and lay down their arms. They would follow us here," Bush said at the West Virginia Air National Guard.

He was, of course, lying. There is no evidence that the terrorists would follow us here. In fact, every expert who actually understands the dynamics at play has flatly stated that the president is wrong at best and a filthy liar more likely.

As to the part about more courage and sacrifice - that just pissed me off - he and his have not sacrificed a damned thing, and won't. In fact, just the opposite. How dare he??? He didn't even finish his weekend warrior duty in a champaign unit and remains to this day Absent With Out Leave, because he was afraid to piss in a cup with all that South American vitamin C in his system.

After speaking to a group of people who have no option other than to be polite, he returned to the White House, where his service-age daughters (who likely couldn't pass the requisite drug screen anyway) have joined him to celebrate his 61st birthday on Friday. There he will eat barbecue and watch fireworks and not think another thought about the hell he has wrought to better Americans than he can ever hope to be.

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