Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Catblogging: because I got taken to task and will never deprive you of my kitties again edition

As if I have not provided ample evidence that Charlie is truly the laziest creature this side of a three-toed sloth, here he is enjoying his sun bath and getting so relaxed he fell off the bed.

Even a well-known critter like Charlie, whose photo gets splashed across the
web every week gets his Garbo on from time to time.
I get it. I want to make the bed, and he "vants to be alone."


And now - by popular demand...
Buddy Impeachment!

I always wonder what is going on in his larcenous little heart -
especially when he looks at me like this.

And it is sometimes startling to open the linen closet and see this.
I just know that if he was ten pounds bigger, he would pounce.

There you go, Political Animals.

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