Friday, June 29, 2007

Tagged Back

So – I went to check out Rook’s Rant to see what eight things he revealed (chemicals and bunkbeds were a theme) and eight bloggers he would tap – and the fucker is a world champion Calvinball player! He tagged me back and changed the god-damned rules. (And his stock went up. I like the devious.)

Okay, now here's my last tag: Blue Girl, Red State. WHAT!? you say in surprise. Well, I don't recall her saying anything about there not being tag backs. Now, I remember my youth well enough to know you've got to call "no tag backs." So, because she failed to say "no tag backs" I'm tagging her. However, just to make it easier on her, I am going to give her a different meme: share your 4 favorite and four of your least favorite posts. Describe why, though. No fair just creating links. Seriously, that would be cheap. Oh, and then tag 4 other bloggers. 8 is just way too damn hard.

Like I said in his comments, he truly is a magnificent bastard.

Now – my four least-favorite posts…Well, lets go back to the archives. I can find some things I wrote at the outset that I can muster a cringe over.

Exploding Toads? What was I thinking?

Deconstructing Karl – material that rich deserved a lot better fisking than I gave it.

A Sad Enlightenment at Barnes & Noble – like it’s surprising that people are not well read. Get over myself.

Rest in Peace Admiral Stockdale – is just schmaltzy. Embarrassingly so.

Now for the fun part! Four posts that I consider favorites…

In other words, the ones that I kvelled over and then felt dejected when no one else picked up on the brilliance and eloquence that is me at my finest!

The first one is easy – Biblical Literalism. It’s the argument that the fundies hate – because they can’t refute it. (Oops. Here is Biblical Literalism - but the mistake is a pretty good one too, I'm leaving it.)

In that vein, No More Activist Chaplains is one of my favorites – because it is one of the first posts that I wrote that I felt like I was finding my voice; that I might have something to offer that amounted to substance and analysis. (apologies KV.)

I have to go back and crow about the first post I ever had picked up by a news aggregator: North Korea Wrap-Up was the post I put up in the wake of the NorK’s detonating their fizzler.

And finally – The post where I talk about guns and make everybody mad because I might be the only person in the history of the blogosphere to ever address guns and gun control and not get beset by the kool-aid drinkers on either side.

Now – what four to tag…Doc Larry, of course. He was spared last time because I already had him working on a project when I revealed eight things and tagged eight bloggers.

exMI gets tagged, too, for much the same reason – he was spared last time – and besides, y’all need to go read the story about the skink.

Edger too – he is one of my co-bloggers at the Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus, and the busier I get with the preparation to roll out Show Me Progress, the more worthless I am to him over there and the more responsibility he is forced to assume. Since he isn’t busy enough (*coff*) I tag him. He was on the short list last time, and got spared. Not getting out of it this time, tho.

Finally, Rook! Yeah, yeah, he put up a “no tag backs” separate post – after I stupidly telegraphed my intent (I should never blog drunk) but I am tagging him anyway. First of all, the post was already written and saved as a draft, I just needed to drop in the links. Second, I have played a game or two of Calvinball myself. Third, and most importantly, I’m still a babe. In the physical world, I would put on my Skippy T-shirt and make something jiggle and flash a smile and…Tag him! (Yes, I am that Bitch. Unapologetically so.)

Now – dazzle me, fellas – and no tag backs!

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