Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A sorry showing

Faux News isn’t even trying to pass itself off as serious news anymore, so lets just call them what they are – the propaganda catapult for the Re-Thug-Lickers.

Yesterday was a really sorry showing for the fools at Faux. First, they showed video of John Conyers at a House Judiciary Committee meeting.

They imply it is video of the recently indicted Bill Jefferson, and the protesters in the gallery are calling for his resignation. We call bullshit - the "Resign" sign is being waived at Alberto "Fredo" Gonzales. But propagandists don't worry about a little thing like FACTS.

Then last night on the O’Reilly factor, Bill O flat-out LIED about the New York Times and the recently-foiled JFK Airport terror plot.

This is the front page of the Times that Bill O-LIE-ley chose to show.

And here is the full front page. Bill LIED. (And Think Progress has the video)

I guess he thinks that his viewers are such stupid sheeple that they wouldn’t actually look at the paper in question (and he is right, of course -they are if they are serious Faux watchers) but we keep an eye on the mendacious bastards, too. The idiots they cater to may be easily led about by the nose, but we call a moron a moron and a lying sack a lying sack. Bill O is a lying sack.

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