Friday, June 8, 2007

Some red meat for your inner Libertarian

while we wait for the Friday News Dump. I am furious at this outrage, this miscarriage of justice, this…this…this…Dreyfus Case in the war on drugs! It was three and a half years ago, but it's still just as outrageous as it was then.

A 27-year-old quadriplegic man in Washington D.C. was, in essence, sentenced to death for possessing a negligible amount of marijuana.

The guy was a quadriplegic since age four. The judge gave him jail time because he said he would continue to smoke marijuana because it gave him relief.

He required a ventilator and 20 hours of nursing care per day. In jail, he got neither, and now he is dead.

This is outrageous. Fuck it. Give NORML a donation today. Reforming insane drug laws that attempt to ban part of the god-damned ecosystem isn’t just for the stoners. It’s for civil libertarians across the spectrum.

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