Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It wasn't illegal - unconstitutional twice over - but not against the law...

Hans Von Spakovsky was the latest Department of (in)Justice official to take a turn in front of congress when he appeared before the Senate Rules Committee on Wednesday.

You remember Hans. He is the voter suppression specialist who dreamed up the need for voters to have very narrow and specific types of photo ID to participate in their constitutionally protected right to vote, to combat a problem that didn't really exist.

It will surprise no one that he was beset by CRS disease (Can’t Remember Shit) as soon as he appeared before the Senate Rules and Administration Committee. Standard MO for these clowns. It’s starting to look like every last official at the department of justice is a mendacious nitwit and they all had their memories surgically removed.

My favorite part of the whole charade was when he was asked about his role in the Georgia law.

Asked about the Georgia ID law, von Spakovsky declined to disclose the legal advice he gave his superiors, saying it was privileged, but he maintained that the department took the correct position because the courts didn't find that the law violated the federal Voting Rights Act. In overturning the law, the federal courts cited the 14th and 24th Amendments to the Constitution, he said.

Good Gawd. Did anyone else fall flat-ass on the floor when you read that? It wasn’t in violation of a law, so it was the correct action – it was just un-fucking-constitutional! In violation of two amendments to our Constitution!

I swear on the grave of Sam Clemens, when I think these jokers can’t lower the bar any further – they dig a fuckin’ trench.

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