Thursday, June 14, 2007

170 Million rounds of ammo for the enemy-of-my-enemy

I reported last week that the United States military has made a deal with the devil. In a desperate, last-gasp effort to salvage something that doesn’t look like an abject, mockable failure in George Bush’s splendid Iraq misadventure, Americans have begun to form alliances with the very insurgent fighters that have in the past attacked and killed Americans. Part of that alliance involves arming the very people who have tried in the past (and will undoubtedly return to that MO in the future) to kill American troops.

Well, we are arming them alright. And we are giving them over 170 Million rounds of ammunition. Here is how the two-batch purchase breaks down:

Batch A:

-- Bullets for AK-47 Assault Rifle: 55,200,000
-- Bullets for Glock Pistol: 24,000,000
-- Bullets for PKM Machine Gun: 18,000,000
-- Grenades for RPG-7 Launcher: 20,000
-- Bullets for Mossburg Shotgun: 2,500
-- Bullets for SVD Sniper Rifle: 2,500

Batch B:

-- Bullets for AK-47 Assault Rifle: 36,800,000
-- Bullets for Glock Pistol: 16,000,000
-- Bullets for PKM Machine Gun: 12,000,000

170 million rounds for the enemy-of-our-enemy who will never be an ally.

Magical thinking runs amok, and sanity has long since departed.

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