Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The main reason I do not cancel my subscription to the KC Star, no matter how worthless Steve Kraske is

I have the good fortune to open my newspaper to the editorial pages every single day to be delighted by the rapier wit of Lee Judge, editorial cartoonist extraordinaire.

I have lived all over the place, but I have never lived anywhere that had an editorial cartoonist who draws the fire and ire of the populace the way he does. At least three times a month, a letter to the editor appears demanding his summary execution, he so offends. Every time a wingnut gets pissed to the point of apoplexy, the crush I have on him grows a little.


Boy, is my face red!!! My little mash-note doesn't pack nearly the punch when I eff up the name of the object of my affections, does it?

Apologies, Lee Judge, I really won't blog on autopilot in the future.

And thanks to Bobo for pointing out my brain-fart.

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