Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Let the fellating begin in 5..4..3..2..1

Live blogging the Kr-ass-kissiing

“It’s good to be back Steve”

“I bet it is.”

This is going to be sickening.

“Life is filled with experiences. We certainly can’t live every experience in our life….”What the hell does that mean?

Is he embarrassed, ashamed, what?

All of the above. But I’m still a person with a lot of positive things to offer.

He would be holding himself back and denying the country his beneficence if he fades away. How we handle ourselves after we make mistakes is a testament to true character. (Translation: Republicans are capable of redemption.)

He is working for an internet marketing firm in Leawood. He’s a spammer for a living now!


And ten minutes in, Kraske is asking if he is going to run for office, but still no mention of the house he stole.

Now he is letting the wife wring her hands about uncertainties. (Tell it to the Army wives who just had the date circled on the calendar yanked away. Yes, he was a military pilot, but she was not his wife then.)

Playing that Military card – shameless. Sully the uniform, and then hide behind it. “I served away from home.” Wah. So did we. So do lots of people. So? You ain’t special. You are a god-damned felon and you deserved to lose your pension. Don’t steal a house you can’t afford next time. Idiot.

Prison as sabbatical…Only a Republican.

He wasn’t given the time to come up with the money he needed before closing. So he borrowed from his campaign fund. So what if he paid it back? He cheated and got caught.

And now he is talking about the folly of sub-primes. Mr. Taff, I would remind you that people take out sub-primes every day and don’t go to prison for it..

Not a word about the house.

We'll see if they read my email asking about the current residence...

He finally gets the folly of the drug war, at least.

First caller is not kind. Says the next edition of What's the Matter with Kansas will give him his own chapter. Taff says he is contrite, damnit.

Second caller agrees - you were the original fair-haired child, it's all about integrity and you come across as an opportunist, a charlatan. I'm a veteran too...He's a smooth talker, had huge opportunites and look what he's done with it. he's squandered it.

Third caller is a convicted felon too, did you lose any friends over this?

The first two callers can't get over it...(WTF???) His friends stood by him, with a couple of disappointing exceptions.

He is obsessed with winning over the first two callers. This world needs a heck of a lot more love...(What?)

"There will be people who blog today that I don't get it."

You got that right, Sparky.

Fourth caller is taking him to task as well. Why are you so special? Why do you get your voting rights restored and why are you pardoned and eligible to run for office? Why are you so god-damned special? Who do you surround yourself with? (KS laws reinstate civil liberties of sufferage. This ain't Florida.)

Daughter of one of the Medicare scammers that went to prison in the 90's is caller number five. He is telling her that learning how to get a job is something we need to teach in prison. (Her dad has an MBA. He's a thief. He stole from the Medicare fund. No sympathy for him and his struggles either.)

I got an email response from the radio show that he does not occupy the house he committed fraud to purchase any longer.

Now if he would just go away...like the potential he squandered

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