Sunday, May 13, 2007

Calling all Heinlein Fans and MO Bloggers

Over at the most-excellent Political Animal, Kevin Drum plugged an event that is taking place in my back yard - or it would be anyway, if I wasn't an inner-city apartment dweller. The convention is less than a mile away (back when I had a back yard, I was even closer).

I think I am obligated to attend - the first gift my husband gave me as married people was a copy of Friday. We do not call them cell phones at our house - we call them Friday-phones.

Anyway - it turns out that in Blogtopia (Skippy coined that phrase) there are many Heinlein fans. Also in Blogtopia (yes, sctp) Kansas City has a pretty healthy representation. Another KC Blogger, Katiebird, floated the idea of a meet-up of bloggers for some time that weekend.

I think it sounds like fun.

Anyone want to offer their two-cents on this idea? Here is the calendar for the month of July for Knuckleheads, where there is always a chance of a Kathleen Sebelius spotting - and just for good measure, here is the Kansas City Star calendar, too. For those interested in partying, here is the link to the Pitch Weekly (no, that is not the team motto of the KC Royals) clubs listing in the area of the convention.

So - see you in Kansas City, first weekend in July? It's worth the trip just for the 'Q.

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