Monday, April 30, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Awards

Over the weekend, I got tagged.

Fellow founding blogger at Watching Those We Chose, Dr. Sardonicus of Pole Hill Sanitarium (and fellow WSU Shocker!!!) got tagged as a Thinking Blogger, and I was one of the five he tagged.

The difficulty I faced with passing it on was whittling it down to a mere five, because I consider everyone on my blogroll a Thinking Blogger - or they would not have a spot on my blogroll!!! Seriously, pick anyone on the sidebar and you will find posts put up by people who never just phone it in...

Edger Is always spot-on, and a damned dedicated Democrat. He is the guy who took the idea floated by Big Tent Democrat for the Out of Iraq Blogger Caucus and made it happen. (Anyone wanting to join us, email to get on the reciprocal blogroll!)

Supergirlest is always a-musing. (And she is my literal, physical neighbor!) She can be absolutely scathing; yet butter wouldn't melt in her witnessed here. She has a toddler to care for, and just went back to work, so she hasn't had the time to post as frequently as I would like, because I could read her every day, but what she does have time to post is always primo. And c'mon - a woman who named her blog My Thinking Spot was just begging to get tagged...

Doc Larry is one of my partners in crime over at WTWC, and the source of so many of my graphics it isn't even cool to admit...He is a fellow Missouri blogger - fighting the good fight in Springfield - the reddest part of our red state. He is a real journalist, and his sense of humor is simply sublime...Definitely a Thinking Blogger.

exMI and I disagree on pretty much everything about the war in Iraq, and we have actually even had a couple of spats in comments. But on pretty much every other issue we can at the very least find common ground. I imagine if we were back-fence neighbors the discussions would be, at the very least, interesting. Hell, other neighbors might even call the cops. I am of the opinion that if you can't hold your own and defend your positions outside the echo chamber, you should probably keep your opinions to your damned self.

Angry Black Bitch is my kindred spirit on the other side of the state, keeping a watchful eye on those mendacious bastards in St. Louis...With wit, aplomb and pure fucking attitude. Definitely give this bitch a read - regularly.

There ya go guys.

Tag. You're it.

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