Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Justice isn't dead. In fact, she seems to be responding remarkably well to therapy.

It isn't okay to out a CIA agent for political purposes, because you have been caught fixing *facts* and called on it.

It isn't okay to subvert justice and - let's call a spade a spade here - commit treason just to make some political hay.

Get it now?

Libby is guilty on four counts, and the Associate United States Attorney's who were fired for political reasons are pushing back. Hard. And good for them.

The Walter Reed scandal grows daily. And the squalor is not the worst of it. The neglect is the scandal.

The wheels are coming off the bus. It is obvious to all except the most willfully ignorant in our midst that the man in the oval office is not fit to live among us, and neither are his cronies.

The Bush administration is the gravest threat to the American way of life - to America herself - that has ever been faced in our history.

Can we get our impeachment on yet?


exMI said...

Except of course Libby wasn't the one who "outed" her nor was that at all what he was charged with.

AS for the hospital mess, I don't lay that on bush either. Taht is the Army at it's glorious beurocratic woprst and I am damn glad to see that heads have rolled. And I expect more heads will roll as things go along. Unfortunately, I don't expect the mess to really get any better in the long run. they'll clean this one up but.....

Blue Girl, Red State said...

Libby was one of those who outed her. Did you catch the press conference of the juror after the trial was over?

As to the hospital mess, military medical facilities have always had their problems, but this is a whole new level of perfidy. And to be expected from the MBA administration.

The right wanted to show us how government would work if it was run like a business. Turns out the business they were modeling themselves on was Enron.

mbg said...

A1 post. You are so right about the gravest threat to America and her citizens, not to mention the rest of the world. And would someone please kick Coultergeist in her skinny giraffe ass?