Monday, September 1, 2014

"Has anyone seen my little dog?"

By @BginKC

Okay, so I'm back over here because I didn't bring in enough with the fundraiser I attempted a while back to keep the lights on at the SoapBlox site. In fact, it was such a miserable failure that I simply quit asking and awaited the inevitable, knowing that any money I have coming is too far down the line to be counted on. The hard cold fact is, that while I still love the format, I just can't afford the hosting fees, and they've been adding up for a few months. I've paid one or two months of service here and there, but the last two years have been a pure, raw, no-escape exercise in understanding how the folks in the bottom half live...and as if things weren't tight enough already, our granddaughter is now in our custody because our daughter is facing a bankruptcy because it's more important for Sam Brownback and his cronies to  make a political point than it is to allow people like my daughter access to healthcare to manage chronic but manageable conditions so she ended up in the hospital four times in a year, twice in intensive care.

Now I need to figure out  my next move. When I started blogging, I hadn't even discovered the online Washington Monthly community, it was 2005 and I was just pissed at my Governor and had no voice. Now I have lots of outlets...I can bitch about things that piss me off in Missouri at Show Me Progress. Now I am the social media maven who manages the Facebook page for Washington Monthly so I have that outlet for national issues that irk me. I have Facebook. I have Twitter. I have lots of places to raise my voice -- some of the even pay me. So I am deliberating whether or not getting my credit line extended an extra $275 so I can pay 19.9% interest on it. (Why would I do that? Can anyone explain that to me in a convincing tone?)

Right now, I'm leaning toward setting up the front-pagers as users here so they can post to the front page, and working out the bugs as we go...As Rachel says, and here it makes sense, "watch this space."

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