Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Primary Importance

It is primary day, Missouri, and as per usual, I will issue my primary-day warning: If you don't get out and vote in the primary, I don't want to hear you bitch about your choices in the General.

Missouri voters can check their registration status and find out the location of their polling place at the Secretary of State's website. You can also get information about the contested races at SoS Robin Carnahan's site as well.

The statewide offices we are going to select our standard-bearers for today are as follows: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer and Secretary of State. All state and federal candidates to the respective houses of representatives are also standing in todays primary.

The republicans have been having a regular food-fight in the gubernatorial primary as State Treasurer Sarah Steelman and U.S. Representative Kenny Hulshoff rip one another to shreds, fighting for the opportunity to lose to Jay Nixon in a landslide come November.

But the most hotly contested race is the Democratic primary for Attorney General. Those voting in the Democratic primary have three superb candidates to choose from. Jeff Harris is a state representative who worked in the consumer protection division of the Attorney General's office under Jay Nixon before seeking elected office. Margaret Donnelly is a State Representative and family lawyer who has a long track record of fighting for families in her law practice. Chris Koster is a former Cass County prosecutor who put away the worst serial killer in Missouri history. One year ago , Koster had his "Come to Harry" moment when he realized the republicans in this state are a bunch of foam-flecked lunatics who want to drag Missouri backwards, and he switched parties, abandoning the majority to join the minority party. I am uncomfortable with the amount of vitriol that has been directed at Coster. I have met him several times, and I have never caught a whiff of sulfur nor have I glimpsed any sign of horns or a tail. Any one of the three will make a fine Attorney General, and whoever emerges victorious from the hard-fought Democratic primary will be the next AG, and have my unqualified support in the general.

Now get out and vote, Missouri! It's not just your right - it is your responsibility!


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