Saturday, August 2, 2008

Payback really is a bitch!

Ha! More unintended consequences!

After the desperate decision by the idea-free McCain campaign to dive into the cesspool of racial politics and happily cavort in the filth, donations began pouring Obama. Over 100,000 people donated in a single day, and over one third of them were first time donors. "I think John McCain has harmed himself in the last week, really eroding any capital he had built up in terms of what kind of politician he is," said David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager. "But he's really helped our campaign, because so many of you have contributed in the last week. Our field offices had people pouring into them yesterday."

Maybe someone should clue the old fart in to how those of us under 60 think. See, to most of us, race doesn't matter. At all. We all went to integrated schools and most of us have friends of diverse ethnicity. A whole bunch of us have dated outside our race, and our kids certainly did. The only time we even think about race is when some stupid fucking dinosaur tries to play that shit, and then we leap to the defense of our friends. Like so many did yesterday.

And that is just my generation - our kids are really offended by crap like McCain is trying. It might play well on the dead pecker bench in Mayberry, but it doesn't get any traction with us, and like it or not, we have the numbers because they bred like bunnies for a couple of decades.

And on the upside, it is poisoning the republican well for a whole bunch of young people who are just now figuring out where they fit in on the political spectrum. So thanks for that assist, republicans. We couldn't have done it without you.


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