Friday, August 1, 2008

The Nightowl Newswrap

Rumor has it
that the Hilton's aren't the only ones pissed off. Britney may be considering legal action for the unauthorized use of her image in the McCain "Celebrity" ad.

Speaking of that stupid ad...
The McCain campaign is busy scrubbing their website for all past references to McSame as a "political celebrity" but they weren't quite quick enough for the folks at Crooks and Liars, who snagged a screen shot.

Would you like to see Wesley Clark as Obama's running mate?
If so, click the link and sign the petition.

Unemployment rate climbs to 5.7%
as 51,000 jobs vanished last month. So far in 2008, nearly 500,000 jobs have been lost.

Since we can't have a firing squad, put them in the general population and tell everyone why they are there
A fourteen year old disabled girl is dead because everyone failed her - her parents, the rest of her family, family friends, even the social service system. Everyone let her down and as a result, she died a horrible death. May they all burn in hell.

“Well,it’s about time.”
That was the words of a Polk County, IA judge when four defendants, charged with trespassing for attempting to make a citizens arrest on Karl Rove during an appearance in Des Moines last Friday, made their preliminary appearances before him yesterday. A jury trial has been set for August 20.

Another bank closure
Federal regulators in Florida closed First Priority Bank today. It is the eighth bank closure this year.

Charges coming against CitiBank
NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced charges are imminent for the alleged fraudulent marketing and sale of troubled auction-rate securities to everyday investors. Cuomo's office alleges that the nation's largest bank "has repeatedly and persistently committed fraud by material misrepresentations and omissions" in the underwriting, distribution and sale of auction rate securities, touting them as safe, cash-equivalent investments.

GM reported a staggering $15.5 billion dollar second quarter loss
as car sales decline, plants close and the trucks and sport utility vehicles sitting on dealers lots lose value without moving a mile.

About that bit of political theater today...
Boehner should get hammered with it back in his district. Two days ago, he strongarmed 13 republicans into changing their votes on a piece of legislation that would have granted actual relief at the pump for his constituents so it wouldn't pass, because he wanted to have the opportunity to orchestrate todays stunt. That's right, Ohio - he purposefully kept relief legislation from passing so he could stage todays installment of the theater of the absurd.

Crap like this is why we haven't set foot in a Walmart in years
The company is scared shitless that a President Obama, coupled with expanded majorities in both the House and the Senate will put an end to the days that they can keep a boot on the necks of their employees and keep unions out of their stores. In recent weeks, thousands of Wal-Mart store managers and department heads have been summoned to mandatory meetings at which the retailer stresses the downside for workers if stores were to be unionized. In the past they have met the union threat by closing departments, and even whole stores.

Rep. Kucinich introduces legislation that would bar U.S. oil companies from doing business in Iraq
“Iraq needs oil revenue now more than ever as they try to rebuild their country,” Kucinich said Thursday, unveiling the Oil for Iraq Liberation Act. "The invasion of Iraq was about oil, but it didn’t result in more oil or cheaper gas," Kucinich said on the House Floor. "It resulted in war profiteering by oil companies who benefited by keeping Iraqi oil off the market."

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