Saturday, August 2, 2008

Koster's Ex-wife Drops $200K on Negative Ads

Would your ex go after you like this?
If Missouri state Sen. Chris Koster didn't make enough enemies when he switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party last year, now his ex-wife is weighing in against him.

Koster, in the midst of fiercely contested race for the Democratic nomination for attorney general, is bracing for $187,500 in television ads paid for by ex-wife Rebecca Bowman Nassikas.

Nassikas, who now lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., ponied up $200,000 last week to oppose his candidacy. She gave the money to a dormant political committee called Missourians for Honest Leadership.

Koster spokesman Danny Kanner said it was just another example of Koster's political rivals trying to undermine his candidacy.

"Our opponents are doing anything they can to throw trash against the wall about Chris to see if anything sticks," Kanner said. "Rebecca is a private citizen who can do whatever she wants with her money."



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