Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday morning quick hits

Pilot dies in F-15 crash
One pilot was killed and another was injured when an F-15D Eagle crashed during a training exercise in Nevada. The names of the pilots have not been released, but they were both assigned to the 65th Aggressor Squadron at Nellis, AFB about 10 miles north of Las Vegas. The 65th Aggressor Squadron simulates enemy forces in air combat Red Flag training exercises regularly held by the base, officials said.

Someone please explain this to me
How can it be that the entire country is being stuck up at the pump - yet oil companies are making more money than ever? Today Exxon-Mobile reported that second-quarter profits rose 14 percent, to $11.68 billion. It was the highest-ever profit by an American company - which was set by Exxon last quarter. How's about we talk about this incomprehensible apostasy before we talk about raping the oceans? Whadya say?

This is interesting
The mystery of a small hand-held mechanical brass device recovered a hundred years ago from a ship wreck has been solved. It is an intricate hand-held mechanical "computer" that was used to set the dates for the ancient Olympics.

Experience is a poor predictor of presidential success
Presidents who have a perfect resume before assuming the job are frequently piss-poor presidents (Nixon and Bush I - just in my lifetime) usually because they have lousy judgment.

Here is a new economic indicator
As the economy stagnates, women are heading to fertility clinics to donate their eggs. The average donation pays a few thousand dollars, but depending on the part of the country and the womans education level, the donations can net tens of thousands of dollars. "There's no reason to think that suddenly there's 30 percent more people who have suddenly had this inner feeling to help out people. And what's changed? It’s the economy," said one fertility specialist. Fertility centers have also a surge in repeat donors and surrogates. Warren would like to add that there's never, ever been a shortage of creepy dudes who want to donate sperm in order to make some cash. In good times or in bad times, that never changes. The only thing in America that is recession proof is the creepy dude sperm donation sector of our economy. It's always booming.

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