Saturday, July 26, 2008

Throwing Everything Against the Wall

If you want to know what desperation looks like, spend some time watching the McCain campaign. Isn't it time to fire some people? Like the idiots who write the ads and determine the strategy and the idiots who send McCain out there without any kind of preparation so that he looks like "Cotton Hill" on a Dulcolax bender...?
If you think (and I do not) that Obama’s a sociopath who sees wounded soldiers as nothing but political chips to be played in an election card game, surely we can agree that he’s nevertheless savvy enough to grasp how horribly bad it would look to have photographers with him on a hospital visit in the middle of a campaign. If there were pictures on the wires of him shaking hands with bedridden vets while media vultures crowded around for close-ups, conservatives would have ripped him for it properly and mercilessly and he knows it.

Oh, of course you don't think that! You wrote it, but you don't think that! The worst thing in the world for the McCain campaign is to see US troops cheering and waving at Obama. Hey, do you think that the fact that they're FOR the guy who has a plan to get them out of the worst fucking quagmire in the history of this country so they don't get killed or crippled propping up a government that now welcomes "dissenters" has anything to do with it?

And do you really think that the guy who wants to keep filling Landstuhl up with broken, battered and wounded troops for the next hundred years should try to make political points over their situation against the guy who wants to stop the flow of blood-soaked bandages into Landstuhl? I mean, really. Does anyone think about these things rationally anymore? Obama doesn't hate the wounded troops--he just wants there to be fewer and fewer of them.

Desperate fucking idiots is all they are. Flailing, losing, drowning, sinking and irrelevant. A noun, a verb, and shriek "the surge!" and hope someone cares.

How many Republican members of Congress have donated money to the McCain campaign? How many of them are staying away from the convention? How many of them roll their eyes and shiver at the thought that McCain might--might--run again in 2012?


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