Friday, July 4, 2008

The Nightowl Newswrap

Phlebotomy is an invasive procedure - leave it to the professionals
Cops have the right to obtain blood evidence from suspected drunk drivers - but the collection should be done by a trained medical professional, not a cop in the field. There are even situations in which the evidence can be collected against the will of the suspect. But when the cops attempt the procedure in the police station, it compromises not only specimen integrity, collection of blood evidence by persons not certified in the fine art of phlebotomy by a licensing organization such as the American Society of Clinical Pathologists risks permanent or even life-threatening damage to the suspect. (Nerve damage is frequently permanent and septic infections frequently kill the victims.) Take the suspect directly to the nearest ER and let the professionals do the job. As taxpayers, we don't want to pay for your stupidity and cruelty when your asses get sued.

Save the date now...
It's gonna be a bloodbath and I can't wait. Karl Rove is going to debate John Edwards on September 26 as part of the University of Buffalo Distinguished Speakers Series. Let's see - a wildly successful trial lawyer versus a thuggish college dropout who can't win without cheating...I predict that Rove - outclassed, outsmarted and outmaneuvered, and looking utterly foolish - will lose it before the 21st minute. I mean, Allan Colmes (Allan Colmes, for Christ's sake!) whooped his ass and pushed his buttons. Edwards will confiscate his inadequate genitals.

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Bush heckled at Monticello
The current occupant presided over a naturalization ceremony at Monticello today - and America's newest citizens saw up close and personal what it means to be an American - and that dissent is patriotic. There was a great outcry when it was announced that Numbnuts would defile the hallowed ground of Monticello by daring to even trod upon it - but the despicable fuck charged on anyway, not caring who he offends nor how deeply. Well, he will not forget today, and neither will our new citizens. Throughout his speech, people rose to interrupt him. Some shouted "Defend the Constitution!" and others shouted "Impeach bu$h!" One man rose and shouted "That man is a fascist! He has brought fascism to this shore!" Somewhere, Jefferson is smiling at the thought that the gift of liberty and dissent continue to find small ports of refuge in the Republic he gave us.

We are quietly setting out the tip jar this week - it has been an expensive month at Casa Blue Girl - including missed opportunities to work while spending an inordinate amount of time in doctors offices and medicated on opiates after routine, but painful, ortho procedures. And there is that fast-approaching trip to Netroots Nation that is still going to represent a significant expense, and would not even be possible without the scholarship...Anyway, I suck at this - so just let me say that any change you can toss in our laptop case is appreciated.

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