Tuesday, July 29, 2008

McCain Picks Pawlenty?

Everyone knows these guys from the Corner are, like, totally in the know and have all of the inside knowledge, right?
If Pawlenty Was McCain's Pick, His Schedule Would Presumably Suddenly Change

A source tells me that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is John McCain's choice, and that the announcement is coming very soon. But I checked with the American Legislative Exchange Council, who Pawlenty is scheduled to address Wednesday at 11:30. As far as they know, his speech is still on.

So I urge skepticism. Maybe Pawlenty is the choice, and it's coming later. Or perhaps this was just an overreaction to the news that Pawlenty is going to Iowa Saturday for the state Republican party.

We all better hope and pray that it's Pawlenty. Talk about not-ready-for-prime-time and fully in the pocket of lobbyists and the Christian conservatives...

Check out the all black outfit...is the suburban Johnny Cash in a mock turtleneck look really going to play well next to John "Cotton Hill" McCain?

UPDATE: Pawlenty's record as the Governor who keeps telling people that the bridges are safe got a rude awakening over the weekend. Could a 1,200 pound piece of concrete be an issue this fall if McCain picks Pawlenty?


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