Sunday, July 27, 2008

I like this idea

As you regulars know, I have been ill for a few days now and the result has been light blogging. I am actually battling a bacterial infection from a "leaking" ductal cyst that will have to be excised once the infection is under control, but it is not responding as well as my health care team or I would like to the oral regimen, so I will likely end up admitted for a few hours on Tuesday for an infusion of Ancef and Lactated Ringers solution, because I am dehydrated due to the pervasive nausea.

But this idea is good enough that I muddled through registering at a new site so I could vote for it, and think you should give it a look and consider casting a vote for it yourselves...

I woke up from one of the frequent naps I have been taking over the last three days to find the following email in my inbox:
Dear Blue Girl,

Hello. My name is Seth. My soulmate Audrey passed away from breast cancer last year, she was 34 years old. In her memory, I've analyzed a panoply of "alternative" cancer treatments, to determine their effectiveness. You can visit my "Beat Cancer" project here:

If you can find it in your heart to vote for my idea, I would sincerely appreciate it. Whoever gets the most votes by July 31 will win a $10,000 grant to advance their project, so I'm reaching out to bloggers in the hope they can help me spread the word. Thank you.


I went over and had a look, and I like the idea. I think it deserves the grant, so much so that even feeling as rotten as I do, I registered and confirmed with Ideablob so I could give it my one little vote. Many of you know that this is a topic that is of significant meaning to me, and why. If you would take five minutes to check out the link and register and vote, I would personally appreciate it. Not everyone responds to conventional therapy, and not everyone gets a chance to play offense like I have. Those folks are at a significant disadvantage where treatments are concerned. Anything that might help them is a worthwhile endeavor.



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