Sunday, July 20, 2008

How The Right Is Constructing Their Version of Dolchstosslegende

As we reach the conventional wisdom that says that it is time to get our troops out of Iraq, the "dolchstosslegende" or the "stab in the back" lies are going to build. They will be constructed by people who, for whatever reason, just don't want to be on the wrong side of history when the history is written. They want to sit there and say, "ah ha! I was right about the war!" (But they never got anything right, of course). It's going to be ugly. And it's going to look a lot like this:
I don't blame Pat Dollard one bit. But, who is Pat Dollard anyway? Well, go here and find out.

Some time ago I penned a few posts and within those posts I expressed the thought and opinion that the Democrat Party leadership (the CONgress Critters) and their cohorts and fellow conspirators within the Republican Party leadership were directly responsible for the deaths and wounding of American and Coalition Forces fighting both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have performed a lengthy study on my own volition and although I am not ready to publish the entire chronologically correct tome, I did in fact find a correlation. And, I have confirmed that the political leaders in the very dishonorable halls of CONgress, in their quest of and for power and control of all things in this nation, have contributed directly to the losses of life in a combat zone. Not all but more than half. I also found that the war, at least in Iraq, would have been over and that which we are witnessing in Iraq today, could have been realized in early 2007 or late to mid-2006. But, there was an election to be won and that is all that mattered to the Leftinistra - damn them all.

In a previous post: From an Army Rangers' Mouth About Iraq

[...] ... know this. I despise the likes of Nancy Pelosi. Taking it a few steps further, I actually hate her and would not bemoan her demise - from natural causes, naturally.

In more recent posts, I have called for the investigation in regards to the deaths of American Troops both in Iraq and Afghanistan which can be directly attributed to the defaming and blind hatred of President Bush and our Troops by the likes of Nancy Pelosi. She is the ring leader in the Lower House, after all and it is within her power to stop the nonsense. I have conducted a specific investigation of my own and there is a direct correlation to the spikes in attacks on American and Coalition forces fighting in this war. One of those spikes resulted in Spain removing their forces from Iraq which was repaid by yet another terrorist attack in Spain as a heart-felt thank you to Spain from Al Qaida.

Anyone within the construct of government service which conducts themselves such as Nancy Pelosi and her similar ilk in regards to this war, that, by the way, they all signed onto, are a disgrace to this nation and by the very definitions of treason, subversion and sedition, an investigation is in order and charges are required to be levied.

The Army Ranger that has originally called into a radio broadcast show was killed in action fighting a war Pelosi approved of in the first place. Thank you Nancy et al for prolonging this war and contributing to the deaths of the men and women that protect you and thank you Nancy et all for contributing to the deaths of my Brothers In Arms. May you rot in hell. The blood on your hands will never wash away. [...]

Uh huh. If only we had listened, right? The only persons prolonging the war are the ones who want us to be there a hundred years.

Look for a thousand variations on this, and have a good laugh at the pseudo-profound dialogue and the wannabe hard-ass language. This is how someone who has never served talks after they've watched the Special Edition of "300" and had a few Red Bulls with their Meat Lovers Pizza. The Democrats didn't stab anyone in the back--the Republicans started a war that turned out to be a massive strategic blunder. That's what you get to hang around your neck forever, Republicans. Your President started a war in Iraq that was so ill-conceived and so error-prone and so badly mismanaged that it sort of becomes its own historical precedent. No American President has ever fucked up so bad, for so long, and in such a spectacular way.

I don't believe a word of this stuff--it comes from a third-rate mind full of repeated lies. You can just see your garden variety wingnut out there, all "correlating" stuff to get the correlation sorted out and shit, can't you? Wow, dude. You correlate! That's how you fight the Jihadis! You correlated data! That's badass!

Speaker Pelosi voted against the war, and we all, as Americans, have the right to criticize the President during a time of war. The things said about Harry Truman during the Korean War would pale in comparison to anything being said about President Bush. Go look it up--go look up what the likes of the Republican Party had to say back then.

See, I have a life. I'm too busy to be all correlating that stuff and whatnot.


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