Thursday, July 3, 2008

Freeper Ignorance of the American Flag

Found this by accident. I wanted to find some really cool colors and pictures to post for this weekend, but when I found THIS, well, it became a much better post by throwing what I had planned out the window.

Some idiot Freeper started saying "ding ding ding!" and started jumping up and down because he THOUGHT he spotted an unpatriotic display of the American Flag at a protest in Berkley, California last spring:


Flag in distress? Vietnam beads & a rat tail!

Hope I don't know him!

Semper Fi

First of all, dumbfuck--your "Semper Fi" is a little out of place for someone who is obviously a non-Marine. Anyone with any brains at all--any brains at all--will tell you that the flag sewn on the leather jacket of the gentleman in the picture is NOT an American flag in distress. An American flag in distress is displayed upside down. The American flag pictured here is stars to the front, as in, what a warrior would carry into battle.

See? See how the flag on this soldier's uniform looks?

What a great object lesson for this holiday weekend--there is no shortage of denigrating wingnuts and fuckheads who know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER about this country who will spout off at the drop of a hat against another American without even bothering to actually fucking know what they're talking about.

Is this still America? Sometimes, I just sit here and shake my head.


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