Friday, July 25, 2008

Daycation pictures

The back side of our capital is quite stunning, above the Missouri River on a bluff, it looks south away from the river, but the back is beautiful and people seem to flock there, it is so serene and placid among the memorials and sculptures and fountains.

The wide Missouri, beneath the capital, looking east.

This is the best picture of the series I took of this butterfly. You can't see the bees, but they were buzzing about, too.

The memorial to the law enforcement personnel who have died in the line of duty in Missouri. The gazebo is serene and placid, behind the capital and above the river. I found the plaques for the first casualties in the line of duty, and the most recent.

On April 28, 1836 Constable William Mull and Deputy George Hammond were stabbed to death while escorting a prisoner to jail. The suspect was set upon by angry citizens, tied to a tree and burned to death.

On November 29, 2007 Washington County Deputy Michael Triplett was killed in an automobile accident while responding to a domestic violence call.

Every plaque represents a peace officer who fell in the line of duty, and every officer who does gets remembered here in bronze.

Zoe on the back of Seaman, the Newfoundland that accompanied the Corps of Discovery. The new Trailhead sculptures are simply stunning in detail. We started there, and came back. It is fabulous.

When you walk into the Rotunda and look up, you see this beautiful skylight. Click to enlarge - it's worth it.

What? You want resolution, or you want centered?

Here she is jumping up and down in front of the model of the USS Missouri, saying "This was my super-grandpa's ship!" (Super-Grandpa is what she calls her great grandpas, our Dads.)

After a career in WMDs that were designed to kill millions in one fell swoop, he is now interested to the point of obsession in weapons that were designed to kill one person, usually that desperately needed it.

Missouri by geologic region.

The Jefferson statue in front of the capital. And a capital policeman with his partner on the front lawn.

A Capital Policeman and his partner on the front lawn.

The Missouri Supreme Court, as seen from the capital lawn.

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