Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crazy Neocon Tries to Get in the Awl Bidness

When you're responsible for a debacle, the natural human inclination is to hide your head in shame. Herbert Hoover didn't exactly hide from view, but he sufficiently removed himself from public life in order to spare his fellow Republicans the horror of having to be photographed standing next to him. Richard Perle? Fuck it, he's trying to sneak his way into the oil business in Iraq.
A former Pentagon advisor who was an early advocate of invading Iraq has been looking into entering the potentially lucrative oil business there, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

Citing documents outlining a possible deal and people close to the negotiations, the Journal said Richard Perle has been looking into drilling in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, near the city of Erbil.

A consortium led by Turkish AK Group International is working out a deal to drill there and a US representative for the company's chief executive told the paper that Perle is involved.

In an e-mail to the daily, however, Perle said he was "not involved in any consortium" involving the two Kazakh men the paper said he was working with on the deal.

Here's hoping he loses his shirt, has to sell everything he owns, and gets dumped in an alley by his business partners after they pay a hooker to drug him. If Richard Perle thinks he's smart enough to get into business with the Turks and the Kazakhs in the Kurdish region of Iraq, all we can say is, go for it, dude. It's not like you have blood on your hands.


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