Wednesday, July 9, 2008

America's Idiot Speaks

UPDATE below the fold...
Jonah Goldberg, self-fellating himself in public:
My LA Times Readership [Jonah Goldberg]

If you want a sense of how popular I am with the LA Times community, check out the (354 and counting) comments to my Obama national service column.

One small point in response (I know, I know: Why bother?). The 13th amendment lists involuntary servitude and slavery as different things. If they were the same, the founders wouldn't have wasted the ink repeating themselves.

That's a darned good question, except for the glaringly obvious fact that, by the time the 13th Amendment was ratified, every single, solitary "founding father" was dead and buried.

Oh, and food for thought:
Neither Slavery Nor Involuntary Servitude
By Aeon J.Skoble
The title of this essay refers to two things that are prohibited by the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The first is no longer even controversial, yet the second is being suggested right now by several prominent academics and, more frighteningly, members of Congress. Despite the successes of the all-volunteer military currently employed by the United States, we are hearing calls for a return to mandatory military service, also known as conscription or the draft. This is a bad idea whose time has not come.

Seriously--does Goldberg have an editor? A friend to help him from the stage? Someone who can assist him with his bodily functions? A person to drive the addled bastard home?
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Goldberg added this little nugget to "The Corner" to try and explain his confusion:
Correction [Jonah Goldberg]

Just to stop the flow of e-mail, let me say it up here as well. Last night, writing in haste I referred to the authors of the 13th amendment as the "founders." Obviously, this was an error — the founders had moved on to better things by then. Not that the angry e-mailers will believe me, but it was merely a typing error. I did actually know that the amendment that ended slavery was written around the time, you know, slavery ended.

I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. Given that everything already said about slavery and involuntary servitude in Goldberg's column was based on ignorance, the desire to attack Barack Obama with a ridiculous premise, and a lack of understanding as to the difference between slavery and involuntary servitude, I don't buy it.

This is a typing error:

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Not realizing that the 13th Amendment wasn't ratified until 1865 is a display of ignorance.

For example, did Goldberg know that the 13th Amendment wasn't ratified in Kentucky until 1976 and in Mississippi until 1995?

He could look it up--or bleg someone to do the work for him.

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