Saturday, June 28, 2008

Worth noting

Senator Hagel won't endorse McCain
, in fact, he openly expressed willingness to serve in an Obama cabinet. (Of course he made the obligatory I-remain-a-registered-republican "for now" qualifier.) In an interview on Bloomberg Television's "Political Capital With Al Hunt," to be broadcat today, he said that while he has policy differences with both candidates, his disagreement with Obama "probably is not as big" as his differences with McCain, but for the record he stated "I don't have any plans to endorse any candidate."

Hagel broke with his party over the war in Iraq, which he called a "catastrophic mistake." He voted with Democrats to withdraw troops and against President Bush's troop buildup in Iraq last year.

Hagel criticized McCain for saying that Obama, the Democrats' likely presidential nominee, misunderstands the war in Iraq and was wrong to oppose the troop buildup. Hagel called McCain's criticism a "superfluous, gratuitous political comment."
He isn't endorsing, at least not yet, but he has intimated that he would be willing to serve as Obama's Secretary of Defense. I was thinking more along the lines of Secretary of the Treasury, since he made millions and millions of dollars as a successful and prudent banker, after all, and we need someone with real world economics experience, given the economic mess of elephant-poop proportions we're up to our necks in...But ignore that - that's just me being practical again...


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