Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday morning quick hits

Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings! They vanquished the Penguins and clinched the Stanley Cup in a game-six nail-biter. The Red Wings were just 35 seconds from securing the Cup in Game Five on Monday, but they threw off the loss and the sting of a home defeat and hung on to claim the best-of-seven series 4-2 on the road. It is the fourth time the Red Wings have hoisted the Cup in eleven years.

Somalia again facing famine The ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) said yesterday that food and water shortages conspire to threaten millions of people with starvation. "The Somali people are going through unbearable hardship," said Pascal Hundt, head of the ICRC's delegation for Somalia, in a written statement. "We are witnessing the worst tragedy of the past decade in Somalia."

Abbas changes course, wants talks with Hamas Out of the blue, Mahmoud Abbas shocked the entire world and called for a resumption of dialogue with the Islamic militant group Hamas, a move that could herald a breakdown of his peace talks with Israel. Ahmed Youssef, an adviser to the Hamas government in Gaza, said the language was "very positive" and opened the door for dialogue "without placing any conditions for the first time."

California Supreme Court won't stay same-sex marriages
This clears the way for the state to start issuing marriage licenses for same sex couples on June 17. Two conservative legal groups and attorneys general from 10 states (Includign Missouri's Democratic AG Jay Nixon) had filed briefs rewquesting the court stay the same-sex ceremonies until a ballot measure intended to ban such unions was taken up by California voters in November. The court denied the requests without comment, thereby removing the final legal barrier to what is expected to be a stream of same-sex weddings. As was the case with the decision on May 15 legalizing same-sex marriages, three of seven justices dissented. “The decision filed on May 15, 2008, will become final on June 16, 2008, at 5 p.m.,” the one-page decision concluded. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome, who defied state law and allowed thousands of couples to wed in 2004, said that weddings could start occurring as soon as "5:01 on June 16."

The world is heaving a collective sigh of relief The rest of the world (they do matter, you know) is looking at the Barack Obama's primary success as possible evidence that we aren't all daft afterall, in a time when America's image abroad is tawdry at best.

Nissan bets big on electric vehicles
The company is committed to manufacturing electric fleet vehicles by 2010 and consumer vehicles by 2012. it makes me wonder...Is Nissan one of the companies that is "aggressively" pursuing Trinity's ultracapacitor technology?

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