Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Morning Quick Hits

Happy Father's Day to all of our readers - especially to my husband, father in law, and blogging partner. May we all enjoy many more - now you guys take the day off, enjoy your kids and I'll handle things on the blogging front.

Food prices hit school lunch programs
Administrators are struggling to make ends meet on fixed budgets as prices spiral. Perfect timing...this is happening as people lose ground economically and the school lunch program becomes even more important to the children of lower income individuals. Look for ketchup to once again be classified as a vegetable any minute now.

Private bills can halt deportation but rarely bring resolution
As long as the legislation is pending, deportation can't occur - but once the fanfare fades, most of the bills languish, and the immigrants remain in limbo. In many cases the private bills are offered for high-achieving high-school graduates who were brought to the United States as children or even infants. Can we have some sanity where these kids are concerned please?

But Mr. McCain - dissent is patriotic! In a 1974 thesis written during his tenure at the National War College, McCain laid out his philosophy on the nexus of war and politics, and it is extremely disturbing. “The biggest factor in a man’s ability to perform credibly as a prisoner of war is a strong belief in the correctness of his nation’s foreign policy,” he wrote. Prisoners captured after 1968, who had been exposed to American dissent against the war and who questioned “the legality of the war” were “extremely easy marks for Communist propaganda.” To insulate against such doubts, he recommended that the military should teach its recruits not only how to fight but also the reasons for American foreign policies like the containment of Southeast Asian communism — even though, Mr. McCain acknowledged, “a program of this nature could be construed as ‘brainwashing’ or ‘thought control’ and could come in for a great deal of criticism.” Might might be time to make that essay - and any other unreleased writings from that era - public, since he wants to be C-in-C and all...

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