Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scott McClellan Rolls Over on the Bush Administration

UPDATED 11:57PM: McClellan is just "disgruntled."

The White House blasted former press secretary Scott McClellan Wednesday, claiming that his new book about President Bush and the Iraq war shows McClellan is a "disgruntled" former employee.

"Scott, we now know, is disgruntled about his experience at the White House," press secretary Dana Perino said in a statement. "For those of us who fully supported him, before, during and after he was press secretary, we are puzzled. It is sad — this is not the Scott we knew."

Excuse me, but we're ALL "disgruntled." And does anyone really know anyone, though?

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Hey, welcome back to the reality based community Mr. McClellan. Did you enjoy your sojourn into hell? What does it feel like to have your soul back?

Bush is depicted as an out-of-touch leader, operating in a political bubble, who has stubbornly refused to admit mistakes. McClellan defends the president's intellect -- "Bush is plenty smart enough to be president," he writes -- but casts him as unwilling or unable to be reflective about his job.

"A more self-confident executive would be willing to acknowledge failure, to trust people's ability to forgive those who seek redemption for mistakes and show a readiness to change," he writes.

In another section, McClellan describes Bush as able to convince himself of his own spin and relates a phone call he overheard Bush having during the 2000 campaign, in which he said he could not remember whether he had used cocaine. "I remember thinking to myself, 'How can that be?' " he writes.

How can that be? Only someone who knows that Bush really did use cocaine would dare write that. As I said last night to Blue Girl, how is it that McClellan isn't dead in a car wreck already?

We're not going to pimp the book from Scott McClellan, but we might enjoy making some rather derisive comments as more of these "revelations" come out.

Here is the most obvious comparison we can give you.
[Video below the fold]

Here's Karl Rove, the "architect," pretending there is no public record of what he did and claiming that McClellan sounds like a "left wing blogger:"

Here's David Gregory handing McClellan his ass back to him because Karl Rove is a proven liar:

Here's a little bonus video for your morning fun:

Yes, it was all about treason. And McClellan has gotten us closer to understanding what really went on and why there aren't guilty men at the end of a rope.

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