Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Missouri State Democratic Convention is this weekend!

Look for sporadic activity on the blogging front from now until Monday, because your bloghostess is going to the state Democratic convention in Columbia this weekend.

I am going to leave Friday afternoon for Warrensburg. Instead of blogging I will probably be socializing with my friends from Show Me Progress who have been gracious enough to offer to put me up overnight, and with whom I am schlepping to the convention on Saturday morning. The convention will have WiFi hot spots, so I will do some convention blogging on Saturday, and then Sunday when I get home, well, that is Mother's Day. And while it might be a made-up holiday, it is my made-up holiday and I am getting dinner and appreciation bestowed upon me, and that is just how it is!

I guess what I am saying is this - if the RSS feed seems to slow down, it isn't a technical glitch or a sign that anyone has fallen ill.

Just remind yourself that there is more to activism than typing.

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