Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's Called Disenfranchisement

This is an expansion of the last item from last night's newswrap--and it deserves a post. EVERYWHERE. Treating some nuns like convicted felons--that's no way to show the world what democracy is supposed to look like:

About 12 Indiana nuns were turned away Tuesday from a polling place by a fellow bride of Christ because they didn't have state or federal identification bearing a photograph.

Sister Julie McGuire said she was forced to turn away her fellow sisters at Saint Mary's Convent in South Bend, across the street from the University of Notre Dame, because they had been told earlier that they would need such an ID to vote.

The nuns, all in their 80s or 90s, didn't get one but came to the precinct anyway.

“One came down this morning, and she was 98, and she said, 'I don't want to go do that,”' Sister McGuire said. Some showed up with outdated passports. None of them drives.

Yes, they're getting away with it. Yes, it's what they have been planning since the first day Bradley Schlozman showed his putrid mug to the public after law school. All courtesy of your Bush Appointed Supreme Court.

Explain to me again how a country that turns away old women who want to vote can lecture the world on anything anymore? Do you remember those pictures of old women in Iraq, holding up their purple fingers?

We are a nation that sends an army halfway around the world to fight an endless war on behalf of those old women in Iraq--just so they can vote and not complain while we line up the means to take their oil. We are a nation that empties the National Guard units in Indiana to do all of this--just so those nuns can be turned away without voting. All of this is the conservative wet dream, writ large, and it is destroying our country.

Did you know both Obama and Clinton voted AGAINST John Roberts being confirmed as Chief Justice? And that they both voted AGAINST the confirmation of Justice Alito? Those are some votes to be proud of. And for an excellent, older article on the mental depradations of a certain Justice Scalia, here's a little light reading for you...


As always, you gotta go to the Brad Blog for the real story--the new law in Indiana might have disenfranchised 43,000 people...

And don't forget skippy, too...

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