Saturday, April 5, 2008

McCain-Watch: the ongoing saga of McCain and the Media's Mancrush

Not really, Brian On the Friday night broadcast of the ABC Nightly News, Brian Williams reported that McCain was warmly welcomed by the crowd at a Martin Luther King Memorial. Brian lied, but that is your M$M at work. Watch the video - he actually gets booed and heckled because of his early history of opposition to the King holiday.

It can't be long now long before the GOP takes up the cause of Campaign Finance Reform, what with the Senator forced to return three million dollars in campaign contributions last week. The campaign didn't want to give the money back, but they don't want to run afoul of public campaign financing laws that would lose him his eligibility for public financing in the general election.

We are tinkering with making this a regular feature, a small effort to put the focus on McCain where it should be instead of Democrats engaging in pie fights with one another. Enough already - we have an election to win. What bugs you about McCain and the Media Mancrush? Leave it in comments. Pale Rider may be along to update, but for now, consider this an open thread. I will be back with the newswrap a bit later.


McCain REALLY needs to get behind the new GI Bill Legislation. Here's why.
I usually don't link to news media reports like this, but this one in particular does a pretty good job. It would have been a better report if it had talked about Veterans in other areas of the country, and just seems to focus on Anaheim, CA. I guess when you cut news budgets, this is the kind of report you get. About 75% of Veterans don't know how to translate their military experience to civilian life, according to the report. A new GI bill and better support from the infrastructure that moves them from military back to civilian life would ease the transition. Failure to treat injuries, mental illnesses, PTSD, and other afflictions means that, no matter what is done on the job front, it won't help for a Veteran to get education benefits if that same Veteran can't get out of bed for days on end or is forced to leave his or her family because of emotional issues. Everything needs to be wrapped up in one big package--ALL needs must be met, no one falls through the cracks, and everyone gets enrolled in a comprehensive database to get them from the military to the civilian world.

I can't talk about what I did to make the move--but, essentially here's how I transitioned from a seven year military career to civilian employment: I applied for a couple of things, someone called me up, and I was hired long before I was outprocessing or even getting ready for terminal leave. My case is atypical because I came from a highly trained, highly skilled part of the military (yeah, right!) that was in high demand. Not everyone is as lucky.

If John McCain is serious about running for President, and I know he isn't based on the fact that when his jaw moves you can see Joe Lieberman purse his lips, cover his mouth, and his little adam's apple bobs up and down, then he should maybe think about helping Veterans instead of creating several hundred thousand more of them without having any kind of viable plan to help them out.

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