Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a Kabuki wouldn't understand

This whole Petraeus-to-CENTCOM thing has my cynicism surging.

Pun intended.

While everyone was absorbing the news that Baghdad's favorite couple would be separating, and a Petraeus-Crocker divorce was in the offing, I went a different direction immediately. I thought "Hmmmm...Did McCain really misspeak last week? Or did he have an advance heads up on this?"

I realize he is the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, but this is an executive decision. Was he briefed during the decision making process? If so, were other members of SASC? (Hillary Clinton sits on that committee, too.)

If the committee wasn't briefed, and it turns out that he was, what about the other presidential candidates? Were they briefed as well?

I am not saying he was briefed; I am asking if he was, and if he was, were the other candidates?

Reflecting on what he said last week, this is a fair question.

(Whether or not I need fitted for a tinfoil hat is a side issue.)

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