Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Your Secretary of State in all her incompetent glory

What I wouldn't give for a competent State Department right now.

Condoleeza Rice is still parroting the party line, that Annapolis was the beginning of a grand lasting peace, and the Bush administration can broker a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians - even as Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rebuffed her, refusing to publicly commit to restarting peace talks with Israel.

This annoyed the Bush administration no end. The official Bush position is that his refusal to agree to return to the table lends credence to Hamas, whose political arm took control of Gaza after a brief civil war that deposed the Palestinian Authority to the West Bank last June. They accuse Abbas of handing Hamas a "tactical victory" by "allowing it to hijack Arab-Israeli peace negotiations."

As for Abbas, he seems to be enjoying standing up to Israel and the United States for a change. So I'm not holding my breath that he is going to be in a rush to comply just cuz Condi sez. And I'm sure not betting the farm on the Bush administration brokering any sort of lasting peace! In fact, the mere notion that these incompetent nincompoops even deign to peddle that line of bullshit makes me snort with derision. They are leaving office with a Middle East legacy, all right. But it most certainly is not the one they envision.

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