Friday, March 7, 2008

***Whew*** I am sooo glad that's over!

The diplomatic crisis in Latin America has apparently been resolved, with Presidents Correa of Ecuador, Uribe of Colombia and Chavez of Venezuela all shaking hands and agreeing unanimously that the situation should be resolved diplomatically.

Tensions have been high for a week, since Columbian commandos crossed the border into Ecuador to kill FARC members as they slept in their encampment across the border in Ecuador. Ecuador took exception to having their sovereign territory violated, and recalled the Ambassador from Bogota.

The situation with Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela was the most serious threat to regional security that has materialized in years. The reconciliation took place just hours after the rhetoric ratcheted up significantly, with Mr. Correa condemning Colombia's "aggression", while Mr. Uribe accused Correa of having links with the FARC rebels, as a summit of Latin American countries got underway in the Dominican Republic.

"With the commitment of never attacking a brother country again and by asking forgiveness, we can consider this very serious incident resolved," said President Correa to thunderous applause and television cameras before the monumental handshake that precipitated the sigh heard round the world.

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