Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bush Vetoes Torture Ban America's Soul

The squatter who has occupied the oval office for the last seven years vetoed the Intelligence Authorization Bill today, citing his objections to the provision that would codify by legislative fiat the illegality of and prohibition against the use of torture by CIA agents interrogating terror suspects.

Again, I have to say, I am fucking appalled that we are even having this discussion. It is abhorrent; it's sickening and disgusting. It's fucking insane that we have slid this far since we won the Cold War - less than twenty years ago! - by holding forth that we were Americans, and by virtue of that fact alone, we were simply above certain things. Gulags and torture among them. Now, we are infamous for them.

I am appalled that there are Americans among us who openly advocate for and debate the relative merits of the basic tenets of fascism!!! I remember a time - not so very long ago - in my children's lifetimes, actually - when anyone advocating for the employment of torture (or domestic spying) would be ridiculed and driven from public life. The thought of a Supreme Court Justice absolving the practice was unthinkable.

What the fuck, Amerikkka? The same people who advocate torture also promote the cultural myth of American Exceptionalism. Newsflash, you sadistic brutes, if you want to make that claim, you have to act in an exceptional manner, or you are just a stupid, hypocritical joke, scorned and mocked by all the world.

Jesus, I hate these bastards. What Bush and his crime syndicate have done to my country is nothing short of treason.

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