Thursday, February 28, 2008


IOKIYAR doesn't apply to Roger Clemens, I guess:

WASHINGTON (AP) - The FBI has opened an investigation into whether baseball great Roger Clemens lied to Congress when he denied taking steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.
Law enforcement officials say the inquiry will focus on whether Clemens or his former personal trainer Brian McNamee (MAC-nah-mee) lied when they testified under oath about the use of steroids.

In testimony Feb 13 , Clemens told Congress he never used either drug. McNamee testified that he injected the seven-time Cy Young Award winner with steroids and human growth hormone at least 16 times from 1998 to 2001.

The FBI inquiry was prompted by a request Thursday from the House Oversight Committee, which singled out statements by Clemens as possibly false.

Despite the shameful efforts of people like Darrell Issa and Dan Burton and Chris Shays to help Clemens out of a jam, the jam turned out to be the capper on a career that would have been a lock for the Hall of Fame. Would have been. As Chairman Waxman explained, now is not your time to argue with me on this.

If you're gonna ban Pete Rose for gambling, you have to ban anyone convicted of lying to Federal investigators about steroids because it's cheating to gain an unfair advantage. A gambler who can choose which player plays in a close game is cheating and a player who juices up is cheating as well. I support a lifetime ban, which means that said players can enter the Hall of Fame posthumously.

But with one of these babies: "*"

[Now if we can get a Justice Department willing to investigate high crimes and misdemeanors, we'll be in business.]

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