Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update on the Roger Stone Hate Group

Oddly enough, we were "visited" by Roger Stone not too long before the night in question. You can actually SEE Stone's snarky little comment here and judge for yourself whether or not he is, indeed a "prankster."

It was a little before midnight on Tuesday, Jan. 27 that MSNBC correspondent David Shuster hit the “Send” button on a curt e-mail to Republican rabble-rouser Roger Stone.

Days earlier, Mr. Stone and others had filed papers with the I.R.S. to form a “527” organization dedicated to educating “the American Public about what Hillary Clinton really is.” The organization was called “Citizens United Not Timid,” i.e., C.U.N.T.

“Hey Roger Stone,” wrote Mr. Shuster in an e-mail to Mr. Stone’s personal Web site, the Stone Zone. “Why not put your own name on this?”

Mr. Stone was in no mood to take flack from an uptight reporter unable to take a joke. Mr. Stone felt the suggestion that he was hiding behind the site was ludicrous. After all, he had invited reporter Matt Labash of The Weekly Standard to sit in on the organization’s planning meeting.

The next afternoon, he responded. “Hey David Shuster,” Mr. Stone wrote back. “I in essence did when I let the entire planning meeting be on the record for a reporter.”

From there the confrontation fizzled, leaving Mr. Stone, weeks later, wondering what motivated Mr. Shuster to e-mail him about C.U.N.T. in the first place. Was Mr. Shuster working on a story? Or was he acting out of—irony alert!—indignation on behalf of Hillary Clinton?

Let me hazard a guess--Shuster was just as outraged as everyone else was about this brazen and hateful use of the word "cunt" to attack Hillary Clinton. Stone probably wasn't too keen on seeing his name exposed the way it was--after all, he's after attention and money, and in that order. Shuster is a lot bigger fish than a humble little old blog like this. Stone was probably happy to see us talking about him, but a little uncomfortable seeing his meal ticket threatened by the likes of a reporter like Shuster.

Stone has no credibility and no standing with the Republican Party. He's like Anne Coulter--they pretend to be outraged by his schtick, secretly they love what he does, but is anyone going to stand next to him and proclaim him a valued supporter or employee? Hell no. He's radioactive, and consigned to third-rate commenting gigs and the occasional dirty trick parade. Too bad about the hair, Roger. Too bad about all the money you spent on that hair.

I didn't comment on the whole controversy over Shuster and his suggestion that the Clinton campaign was "pimping" Chelsea Clinton. It was a stupid remark, to be sure, and I agree with suspending Shuster. What I find ironic is that worse things come out of the mouths of Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, and pretty much everyone at Fox News and nothing is done about it. John Gibson can joke about Heath Ledger and Brokeback Mountain and nothing happens? Bill O'Reilly can weasel out of his contention that there are no homeless Veterans sleeping under bridges by suggesting that they're sex offenders instead? Choose your example.

Shuster is an excellent journalist. His work on the Valerie Plame case stood out for years as being above equal. I hope he gets back on TV soon and remembers that you can pretty much say anything, so long as you're Chris Matthews.

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