Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes a random thought surprises the hell out of you

We are half-watching, pretty much listening to the Clemens hearings on CNN, and I was suddenly hit with a random realization and it blew my hair back.

I am gonna lighten up on the Royals. No more jokes about our losing baseball team, and no, I have not scheduled a snarkectomy.

The realization that gobsmacked me a few minutes ago was this: Yes, our team has been losing, but look at when they started their cellar dwelling ways...right about the time the entire fucking league started juicing.

Huh. Image that.

And another thing I Royals or former Royals are being hauled up in front of the Oversight Committee and walking into perjury convictions with a smirk and a sneer and a feigned wounded sense of honor.

I will consider it an honor to watch my hometown team show up and play, for the love of the game, with their normal-sized muscles and abscess-free asses.

When they win one, the victory will be all the sweeter for the knowledge that it was an honest win against stacked odds.

April 8 is the home opener, against the New York Yankees.
If I don't see you on the Royals Express, I'll see you behind the Royals dugout. I'll be the redhead with a hot-dog in one hand, a beer in the other and a smug expression.

I realize that the smug affect I am experiencing right now could bite me in the ass with one allegation/accusation...but somehow I doubt that is going to happen, and I'm a cynics cynic.

I think I just might buy season tickets...

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