Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday Housekeeping Notes

It's Saturday, and I have a list of stuff to do as long as my arm.

Blogging is prominent on that list, but it is also the thing that is going to take the most time and attention, so I am going to hustle off for a bit, and return with undivided attention later this afternoon.

What is on my prep table, you might ask? Spreading violence in Pakistan, American-armed and funded Sunni militias in Diyala on strike, Putin ramping up a new Arms race, and Phillip Roth, who has some pretty bold things to say about the war criminal thug currently trying - and failing miserably - to pass himself off as an American president.

Back this evening - with attitude, focused anger and posts on anything Pale Rider doesn't tackle first. But it is Saturday, and we both have families and homes.

Catblogging Update:

Friday catblogging will return next week. I can't find the disc that will let me download my pictures from the camera. I have to go to the basement - but I have no illusions - a lot of people contributed an amount equal to a bag of premium cat food. I can read between the lines. The cats are fine and will return next week.

Subscription Drive Update:

I would never presume to classify a fundraiser so successful as the one I just had a couple of weeks ago as ever having a downside - thank you each and every one from the bottom of my grateful, thankful, bursting heart - but with all those generous donations, very few people took the subscription challenge - I asked for 20 subscribers at $5.00 per month, and in return, I would take down the Google Ads.

We didn't get close, so I am doing something that, if I were Hillary Clinton, would be derisively classified as "triangulating." I have taken down the top banner ad as a thank you to those who have subscribed, and to provide incentive for new subscribers. And as soon as five more people make that pledge, I will take down the one between the first two posts. And as always, once subscribers reach the magic number of 20, I will pull 'em all down.

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