Friday, February 15, 2008

The Return of Friday Catblogging - February 15, 2008

A home without a cat - and a well-fed, well petted and properly revered cat - may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title? --Mark Twain

Charlie doing what Charlie does best - soaking up sun.
He will move when the sun does, and then I can make Zoe's bed...

Buddy Impeachement is about 20 pounds and has his claws.
The cedar chest is at my side of the bed, and every morning he manages to
open the door and he comes into the bedroom and hops up on the chest,
then proceeds to stare at me until I wake up and feed him.

And Dreidel...What a character she is turning into! Her antics could definitely
derail Impeachments chances of election...When I went from a desktop to a laptop
(thanks again, everyone who contributed! I am still overwhelmed!)
she immediately abandoned stealing the office chair the minute I get up to
do something, and started taking up a position under the lap-desk.
I think this proves she is methodical, deliberate and diabolical.
But we still love her.

Somehow, I think Mark Twain would approve of our household...

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