Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh, Come On...

[Burt Lancaster, Elmer Gantry]

I don't consider myself an Obama supporter or a Clinton supporter--I'm a Democrat, I've participated in the primary process, and when the party selects a nominee, that's the person I'm going to support. You see, there's a greater good, and while I will always demand better Democrats, I'll still vote Democrat this fall. No Republican alive could earn my vote this year.

But Taylor Marsh jumps the shark:

Cons eventually catch up with you. Obama's played his supporters for suckers. They bought into the hope hype, sucking up this stuff with a straw, only to find out Obama's not an original, he's a knock off, of a governor, no less. Siphoning off of a winning campaign to try to win the presidency with a formula. Hey, it's politics. One campaign model fits 'em all. Put your twenty bucks in the bucket and shut the hell up!

The traditional media, cable talking heads, and quite a few large progressive blogs have regurgitated the Obama story like a pack of nomads wandering in the political desert in search of sustenance; people bankrupt of political or factual integrity looking for the answer and refusing to see what was in front of their faces all along. The question is whether the journalists who bought into the Obama hype, along with the cable talking heads who propped his campaign up, and the Obama blogs who didn't care one whit about the facts or his record but were only interested in spreading their Hillary hatred, have got so much invested they won't have the honesty, the integrity, and the moral courage to back peddle on their craven cave in before it's not only too late for them, but too late for the Democratic party.

Barack Obama isn't an original. He's the first 21st century L. Ron Hubbard of politics, Elmer Gantry, name your huckster.

"I have a dream" just became "I have a con."

Hold on, have to wipe off the spittle...

Really, Taylor? L Ron Hubbard? Elmer Gantry? One was real, one wasn't. Not much else in your metaphor stands up. No further comment on Hubbard will appear here, thank you very much. But Elmer Gantry was banned in Boston, of course, and Taylor Marsh's bullshit can't get out of Hooterville. This is a perfect example of getting completely unhinged in public and wondering why no one can take Marsh seriously anymore.

Quick question--How does THAT help Hillary accomplish anything? The real problem is this--she needed to run a great campaign and she only managed to run a pretty good one. There's nothing wrong with her or Obama, in my eyes, and we are blessed as a Democratic Party to have this kind of talent to choose from.

The derangement of the people on my side of the aisle sometimes approaches the derangement of those who oppose me politically. But derangement is derangement, and Taylor Marsh exemplifies the kind of derangement we do not need as Democrats.


Sadly, one of our commenters had to do a "full disclosure" and identify themselves as an Obama supporter.

Hello? You don't need to do that. Thanks, but if you support Obama, that doesn't mean you have to disclose it. The vitriol of liberal blogs in recent months has people self-identifying themselves, lest they be "outed" and persecuted and shut down for their beliefs. You have to disclose, for example, that if you're a paid shill of Monsanto that your twenty-six blog posts highlighting what a safe and pleasant line of products that Monsanto safely makes out of distilled water and grass clippings come from a biased point of view.

A Democrat shouldn't feel obligated to disclose who they support. Come on, has it come to this? I hope not. That's why I would argue that people like Taylor Marsh have jumped the shark, and have crossed the line into irrelevance.

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