Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's the kind of day...

...when KCIA closes due to near white-out conditions.

I'm snug and warm inside, drinking coffee and looking at the blanket of white now that I can see the ground after waking up to blowing snow that literally obscured it from view - all I could see was snow blowing past the window, and silhouettes of the large buildings across the street.

I did what city people do - I had a nice brunch in my nightshirt with one of the neighbors who lives on my floor.

Anyway, enjoy a winter day and an underrated piece of classical music that I have always loved...

Everyone goes gaga over "Spring" but "Winter" is every bit as moving, just in a different direction.

(P.S. - I haven't spontaneously succumbed to terrorism yet, have you? I mean, the PAA expired 18 hours ago. My continued existence is making me start to think the Republicans were just fearmongering.)

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