Saturday, February 23, 2008

I would like to thank all the members of the academy who voted for me!

It is with humble gratitude we accept this award, bestowed upon us by one of our original tour guides through the wilds of blogtopia (and yes, he did indeed coin that phrase)...Skippy!

Skippy was tapped by the lovely Brandy at moue magazine, in addition to us, he also tapped some fine blogging talent (and poached some of our obvious choices) when he also reached out and touched zaius nation, zen comix, whiskey fire, vidiot speak vagabond scolar, mike, the mad biologist, the galloping beaver, echidne of the snakes, drinking liberally in new milford, the culture ghost, correntewire, cookies in heaven, cannablog, blue gal, and badtux, the snarky penguin.

Now in my sidebar you will find a whole passel of worthy blogs, and it is a challenge to select just ten, but I shall give it a whirl...

BurbanMom is practicing what a whole lot of us preach. I dunno about you, but I think this is one of the most honest profiles on Blogger - I'm just your average suburbanite slob who woke up one day and realized my daily actions were contributing to the rapid decay of the planet. In an attempt to mitigate that damage, I am trying to make one change every day that will lighten my ecological footprint. I thought that perhaps by sharing my adventure I might encourage other "average joes" to do the same. This is how you change the world, people. One "suburban slob" at a time wakes up. Just so you know.

I am so on the same page with The Earth-Bound Misfit so much of the time that tapping her was pretty much a given. But then, us cantankerous, mean old gun-toting bitches gotta stick together ya know.

Want no-spin, solid, fact-based climate information, with just the right amount of junior-high snark mixed in so you don't realize you are learning something until it's too late? Go see my buddy Sniderman.

Monkeyfister is one of the most worthy bloggers on the left side of the 'sphere, but if mf doesn't tap ten soon, it's because the gawd-awful disease that has swept the nation has claimed another victim.

Opit brings most everything you need to see together in one giant linkfest every day.

I love these magnificent bastards even if they don't link me.

Betty Cracker simply must be linked - she has God himself cornered in her laundry room!

More people should ought to come Outta the Cornfield, and do it with such a vengeance.

I sooooo should have thought of this screen name...

And this one keeps me centered and reminds me where I come from and not to get too damned uppity.

OK y'all - there you go - hook yourselves up with that badge, and tap ten.

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